Our Story



I am Navine and I make simple, clean, skincare products that leaves you feeling happy and comfortable in your skin. 

As a mom and a researcher, I have spent years struggling to find the right natural products that would soothe, ease, and calm my daughter’s eczema. This journey has caused me to realize that plant based ingredients are the most effective ingredients in supporting and healing skin issues. Now I want to share these skin nurturing products with you. 

Each product is specifically formulated for a particular skin type with ingredients that are carefully selected for its' ability to heal, support and nourish that skin type. Our products feature high quality, premium, food grade, ingredients because we believe that you deserve the best. 

So whether you are looking to care for your troubled skin or just want to pamper yourself, I am sure you will a find a product that help you feel beautiful and confident everyday. 



Love it!
I got this at a craft fair while traveling in CT and it is hands down my favorite hand cream and body butter. I live in California where it is very dry for much of the year. This body butter takes my hands from dry and chapped to smooth in just a couple of days, and it smells great. The scent doesn't give me a headache like so many major brands do

. I'm very pleased, highly recommended.

Penny -  

The Hemp Milk Soap really soothes my dry, prickly winter skin and even though it is unscented, I really like the way it smells."

Dorothy -

"I love love love this product. I have very sensitive skin and this body butter is perfect! The scent is so refreshing. I use this product on my kids too. I love knowing that it is all natural and I’m not putting harmful chemicals on our bodies. It leaves my skin feeling so soft."

Joseph -
"I have oily skin, so finding a soap that doesn’t make it more oily is difficult. This soap did the trick. It kept my skin from getting oily and didn’t over dry my skin like some other soaps on the market. It has a good lather as well. Highly recommend purchasing this soap."


 Giving Back

Soap making has given me the wonderful opportunity of giving back to those in need. We donate a part of our soap inventory each quarter to our local chrysalis shelter and our soap ends to Clean The World where they are turned into full bars and distributed to families that often don't have access to soap. Come visit us at www.brosilybathandbody.com