6 Natural Ways To Relieve Your Winter Dry Skin

Posted by Navine on 26th Oct 2014

  1. Replace your lotion with a natural body butter - The oils in the body butter lay down a protective barrier on the skin that protects the skin from drying out in the winter and keep moisture locked in. Lotions can't offer the kind of protection because it is made up mostly of water. Water will evaporate quickly off the skin in the winter thus leaving the skin dry again.
  2. Avoid using commercial soaps - Do you know that commercial bar "soaps" are detergents. Detergents work by stripping away the skin’s natural oil that acts as a protective barrier between the skin and the winter dry air. Thus leaving you with that familiar feeling of a tight, dry, irritated skin. Consider using natural  handmade soaps because they are rich in oils that gently cleanse the skin without drying it out.
  3. Don’t Overheat Your Home. Heating system in our homes are like giant dehydrators that leaves your skin dry. Consider using a humidifier to replace the moisturize or lower the temperature in your home to 68- 70 degrees.
  4. ExfoliateExfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin and stimulates the growth of new younger skin. Do not exfoliate more than once a week.
  5. Moisturize Your Skin Before Showering - Do you have severe dry skin that is prone to cracking or eczema? Apply body oil your skin prior to showering. This will protect the skin from drying out while showering and will leave the skin super moisturized.
  6. Use A light Facial Oil - Don't ignore your face.  Use a light facial oil such as hemp and kukui oil to keep your face hydrated. Heavier oils such as avocado oil are great for those with extremely dry and cracked skin. Do not use petroleum based oils on the face as it will clog the pores.