5 Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Beauty Care Products

1st Feb 2015

5 Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty and Skincare Products

When most people hear about toxic ingredients in skincare and beauty products they immediately think of parabens and SLS. But parabens and SLS are not the only toxic ingredients in your skincare products, How about some Formaldehyde, Mercury, Lead, Toluene and Aluminium. Yes, you read correctly. These chemicals are often used in skincare or beauty products.

Formaldehyde -  "Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives" are used to preserve many skincare products. They work by releasing small amounts of formaldehyde over time into skincare/beauty products to fight against bacteria. Found in lotions, creams, shampoo or other water based products and nail hardeners. Considered a carginogen.

Mercury - Heavy metal that is used in small amounts as a preservative in eyeliners, mascara, eye drops. Considered a neurotoxin. 

Aluminium - Aluminum is found in host of cosmetic products, pigments used cosmetics and antiperspirants. In antiperspirant, aluminum works to prevent the body from sweating. Note make sure your natural deodorant is made with aluminium free baking soda. 

Lead - Another heavy found in lipsticks. 

Toluene - Is a clear, colorless, flammable liquid that is produced during the making of gasoline and used as a solvent in paint thinner, lacquer, white out glue and so much more. Toluene is found in nail polishes and nail polish removers. Considered a neuro-toxin. 

The best advice is to read the labels on the products and remember that maunfacturers often try to hide bad ingredients under other names. Educate yourself and use products with simple food grade ingredients.