3 Pack Spa Soaps

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  • Lavender Bliss Vegan Handmade soap
  • ylang ylang vegan soap
  • Mint Tango vegan soap
  • vanilla spice vegan soap
  • evergreen breeze vegan soap
  • Citrus sunshine all natural mango butter soap for combination skin

In this time of uncertainty, frustration, and stress, we need to pause to reflect on the things that matters most to us our families and friends. Gift a loved one or a friend our aromatherapy spa soap set to uplift their spirit and let them know that you are thinking of them.

Select any 3 soaps to create our own spa soap set.

Lavender Bliss- calms the mind and helps you to unwind

Citrus Sunshine - uplift your spirit and brightens the day

Mint Tango - energizes and invigorates the mind and body

Vanilla Spice - Warms the heart

Cedarwood Reflection- brings balance to the chaos

Patchouli Love - self love 

Evergreen Breeze - a breath of fresh air -like a walk in the woods

Ylang Ylang - Bright, calming and uplifting